Leather seals

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uszczelki ze skóry
uszczelki ze skóry

Leather seals

VERMET is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality leather seals. We have the facilities to produce leather gaskets of virtually any specification, shape or size to meet your requirements. Our offer of leather gaskets is extensive, which means that different thicknesses and colors are not a hindrance to the implementation.

We only use high-quality leather

Our high-quality leather gaskets are made of tanned cowhide. The treatment of the leather ensures its stability and neutralizes the risk of rotting to ensure that the leather gaskets are product-matching and durable.

Applications for leather gaskets

Leather has a wide range of applications and is used in many different industries. Leather can be used as an ideal material for oil pan and pump seals. Due to the flexibility and durability of the material, leather gaskets were one of the original products used to create hydraulic seals, as it is a resilient material, ideal for withstanding high torques.

Available colors of leather gaskets

Although leather is a natural cowhide material, we can offer our leather seals in a variety of colors to suit different applications. Leather gaskets are usually cut on one side and therefore show a brown or black color on one side, however leather gaskets can be supplied in different colors on the opposite side.

Leather gaskets are available in the following colors:

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