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uszczelki z tworzyw sztucznych
uszczelki z tworzyw sztucznych


HIPS polystyrene (high impact polystyrene) is used by VERMET for the production of a wide range of gaskets, moreover, it is an inexpensive but very versatile material. Lightweight, stiff and primarily known for its high impact strength, HIPS provides a popular choice of material when continuous buffering of individual elements or components is seen.

We manufacture our HIPS washers and gaskets in a variety of colors from opal, cream, yellow and red to green, blue, brown and grey. Plates made of polystyrene modified with butadiene rubber are a light material and very easily thermoformed. Thanks to this, they can be used for stamping even very complex spatial forms. They are equally lightly machined with generally available tools for wood and metal. This material is an excellent base for offset and screen printing with polystyrene-based paints. After special preparation, it can be subjected to the metallization process. Without special modifications recommended for indoor applications. We supply HIPS washers and gaskets to a variety of industry sectors including cosmetics, automotive and labels. It is used in advertising for light boxes, stands for cosmetics/sweets, advertising displays. If required, the adhesive backing can be applied to one or both surfaces.

General characteristics – HIPS polystyrene seals:

  • Excellent stiffness and impact strength — designed for these purposes, HIPS is a suitable material for applications where high force or shock is applied for short periods of time. HIPS has a tensile strength of 46-60 MPa. HIPS has very good dimensional stability, making it suitable for use in low-strength structural projects.
  • Available in different colors – useful when washers or gaskets need to be matched to a specific color scheme, e.g. hot and cold indicators on buttons
  • Perfect appearance – HIPS is available in a high gloss finish.

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