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uszczelki z płyty uszczelkarskiej
uszczelki płyta

Gasket plate

The Vermet company makes gaskets from a gasket sheet, these are asbestos-free plates. Gaskets are made using eccentric presses, water jet cutters and circular shears. First of all, we cut them using specialized shape cutters based on our own documentation or provided by the customer.

Application of gaskets made of gasket sheet:

flange connections

Characteristics and properties – gaskets gasket sheet:

thickness from 0.5 to 5.0 mm
dimensions and dimensional deviations according to PN-86 H-74374/02 to 04
high resistance to solvents, oils and other agents
durability and mechanical strength
excellent gas tightness
thermal resistance

Thanks to these parameters, these seals will prove themselves even in very demanding conditions. They are suitable for both cold and hot liquids, steam, alcohols, chemicals, etc.

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uszczelki z płyty uszczelkarskiej
uszczelki z płyty uszczelkarskiej

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