Rubber Seals

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Rubber Seals

VERMET is a leading manufacturer of all flat cross-section rubber gaskets. Our own cutting facilities allow us to produce custom parts quickly and at competitive prices. Solid rubber gaskets are made in any flat shape, from simple round or square ones to elements with numerous holes and slots.


The rubber gasket is sized to fit between the two mating surfaces to mitigate friction and part deterioration, and acts as an excellent barrier and seals the two mating surfaces when pressure is applied. It is much more cost-effective to replace the rubber seal than the metal housing if deformation occurs. To facilitate attachment, a double-sided adhesive is sometimes applied – depending on the application.

We also often make multi-thousand editions.

When selecting a rubber gasket for a specific project, it is important to understand the function of the different grades of rubber compound and carefully select the appropriate one for the application. To the untrained eye, rubber is just a tough yet flexible black elastomer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The rubber gasket is thoroughly tested before production and the right compound is selected for the application. Below is a brief overview of the main rubber grades we use to make our rubber seals:


  • General purpose rubber. Light/medium duty applications
  • Available in various thicknesses
  • Excellent physical properties including abrasion resistance, good tensile strength and low compression ratio
  • Do not select where gasoline, chemicals, etc. are present.


  • Versatile base material – our most frequently cut base material
  • Suitable for applications with sea water, mineral oils and greases
  • Excellent acid resistance
  • Good resistance to ozone and oxidation
  • Available in various thicknesses


  • Ideal for applications where water is present
  • Good resistance to fresh and sea water, oxidation, ultraviolet radiation, ozone aging and weathering
  • Good temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to animal and vegetable oils
  • Available in various thicknesses



  • Excellent oil resistance
  • Excellent resistance to oils, aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils and many acids
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Impervious to many gases
  • Moderate mechanical properties
  • Available in various thicknesses



  • High-end material
  • Excellent resistance to oils, petrol, acids
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Low gas permeability


  • Exceptional range of high and low temperatures without failure
  • Thermal insulation base material
  • Flame retardant
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties
  • Good resistance to animal and vegetable oils
  • Good resistance to dilute acids, ozone, oxidation and water absorption.
  • Available in a wide range of colors

Thickness of rubber gaskets

The thickness of the rubber seal chosen can have a huge impact on the seal quality required. At VERMET, we have an experienced and dedicated sales team that will guide you through every step of production preparation to achieve the perfect seal.

Self-adhesive rubber seals

VERMET stocks a variety of double-sided adhesives that can be applied to one or both surfaces of the rubber seal. The rubber base material is primed before the adhesive is applied to ensure a good bond. Please note that the surface where the gasket is applied must also be cleaned as the adhesive will not adhere to grease or dirt. The purpose of the adhesive backing is to act as a third hand fixing, allowing the rubber gasket to stay in place as the screws pass through the gasket to ensure a proper seal.

Colors of rubber seals

The vast majority of rubber seals are available in black or white. Typically, the rubber gasket must be hidden in the application, so black is the most common choice, however, some rubber materials (depending on the required volume) can be produced in red, blue and grey.

Standard – PN16 and PN10

At VERMET, we also produce a full range of standard pipe gaskets. Full face seals (FF) and internal helical gears (IBC) are manufactured in-house to standard sizes.

Hardness of rubber seals

We produce rubber gaskets in different hardnesses, depending on the application and the pressure required to create a perfect seal. Rubber is measured on a hardness scale using equipment designed for this purpose. In simplified terminology, the scale can be thought of as the difference between the elasticity of a rubber band (approx. 20 sh) compared to a car tire (70 sh); both are made of a rubber compound, but exhibit completely different physical properties. Many of the rubber gaskets we manufacture come in the range of 50 to 80 parts, with 70 parts being the most standard. Our sales team is always on hand to offer advice or samples during the estimation process.


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