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PVC is a widely used thermoplastic polymer. It is used for the production of PVC seals, PVC seals used in various applications in the industrial sector. Primarily used in the construction industry, PVC is a durable and rigid material that is suitable for many applications. PVC is available in two main variants; Rigid PVC and Flexible PCV.to


Available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses, rigid PVC is used for applications including bollards as well as in the plumbing industry. Impact resistant, strong, durable, lightweight and weather resistant further enhance PVC’s reputation. PVC also has good resistance to fats, oils and chemicals.

Flexible PVC/PVC

PVC is a thermoplastic polymer that becomes softer through the use of plasticizers and is commonly used by VERMET for applications including flooring, roofing, curtains and electrical cable insulation. Flexible PVC has an ambient operating temperature range of -15°C to +50°C. Flexible PVC is usually supplied transparent, with a slight blue tint.

Mainly used by VERMET for insulation, floors, curtains, balustrade supports and glazing, flexible PVC is a very versatile material.

General characteristics – PVC seals:

  • Flexible PVC has excellent resistance to oils, fats and fuels, but poor resistance to organic solvents.
  • Very durable.
  • Good insulation material to inhibit airflow and increase energy saving.
  • Good strength to weight ratio, good durability.
  • Good fire retardant properties.
  • Good electrical insulating properties.

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