Mylar seals

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Mylar is a polyester film used for its high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability. In addition, VERMET produces Mylar gaskets that act as barriers to aromas and gases, and also use their excellent dielectric properties in the form of insulation.

Flexible, durable and strong, Mylar is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the thermal and electrical insulation industries. Since Mylar does not contain plasticizers, this also means it has good aging properties, meaning it won’t break for a long time.


Mylar has excellent resistance to both moisture and some chemicals. In addition, Mylar has a good temperature tolerance of -70°C to +150°C.


We currently supply a wide range of mylar insulation to many well-known brands of household appliances.

General characteristics – Mylar seals:

  • Good aging properties– will not deteriorate over time
  • Flexible and strong– Mylar has good tensile strength as well as dimensional stability
  • Good dielectric properties– which means it is a cheap material choice for both thermal and electrical insulation
  • Available in various thicknesses– washers, gaskets and tapes can be produced in a wide range of thicknesses

VERMET can produce Mylar washers, gaskets, seals and insulations in transparent and opaque colors.


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