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How are plastic gaskets made? In their production, special silicone mixtures of the HTV type are used, which are combined with thermoplastics. The most commonly used materials include:

polypropylene (PP) with EPDM rubber

Advantages – gaskets made of thermoplastics:

Products made of thermoplastics are increasingly replacing those made of traditional rubber. Why? First of all, due to the advantages of these materials, among which the following should be mentioned:

excellent physical and mechanical properties
hardness ranging from 25 ShA to 40 ShD
possibility of use in a wide range of temperatures (from -60 to +250 degrees)
cross-section up to 2,500 mm
plastic reversibility at elevated temperatures, hardness at room temperature
resistance to mechanical damage and the effects of solvents and chemicals
We present a wide selection of seals of various shapes, sizes and colors (available in all colors according to the RAL palette).

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