Polyamide (PA) gaskets

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VERMET manufactures and is a leading supplier of various types of polyamide gaskets, polyamide plates, PA insulation and PA tape. All shapes and sizes of polyamide gaskets are cut on site using a wide range of tools. We often produce gaskets in both small and large series, so we are able to meet your requirements.

Polyamide (PA) gaskets

Polyamide consists of diamine and dicarboxylic acid. Nylon is the general designation for a family of synthetic polymers known collectively as polyamides. The most commonly used polymer is nylon. There are many different variants of nylon, the most common being nylon 6 and nylon 66.


Nylon is a thermoplastic, shiny material that we use for its excellent abrasion resistance and low friction. Nylon also has good heat resistance as well as good impact strength, making it ideal for gaskets in a variety of applications. Traditional, more expensive, low to medium stress metal parts have since been replaced by more economical nylon parts. Nylon spacers are widely used in all construction applications.


In addition to the above excellent properties that nylon has, it is also available in a glass filled version as well as a molybdenum filled version to help with certain applications. Glass is typically added for high temperature performance, structural properties, impact resistance, and stiffness, while nylon contains a molybdenum filler when the moving part requires additional fluid separation for lubrication without having to manually add lubricant to the part.


Keep in mind that nylon is a hygroscopic material, which means it absorbs water and in some cases this can change the insulation properties of the material as well as its tensile strength and stiffness.

General characteristics – polyamide / PA gaskets:

  • Durable and strong – nylon has high impact strength as well as abrasion resistance, making it a suitable material for parts such as gears and bearings
  • Good chemical resistance – Nylon has good resistance to most oils and greases and is resistant to a wide range of fuels and chemicals. Nylon is inert to biological attack. It will not be affected by insects, fungus, mold or mildew. However, its acid resistance is basic, but it should not be affected by ordinary detergents
  • Good electrical properties – Nylon has adequate electrical properties for most voltages
  • Good cold resistance – nylon has good resistance to these factors compared to most other thermoplastic materials

Our range of nylon components can be supplied basically in black or white depending on the required thickness and grade. However, nylon 66 can be dyed if the washer or gasket requires it for any reason. We supply thinner dyed nylon 66 parts in green, yellow, black and red. Ask a member of our sales team for more information.

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