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uszczelki tektura
uszczelki z tektury technicznej

Technical cardboard

Cardboard sealing is made on the basis of thermal insulation boards created as a result of combining mineral fibers with different thermal resistance (aramid, mineral, etc.) with heat-resistant fillers and binders using papermaking methods.

The basic advantages of gaskets made of technical cardboard include:

excellent thermal insulation properties
low density
ease of processing
thermal resistance (heat shocks, temperature fluctuations)
resistance to mechanical and chemical loads (the ability to work with such factors as gasoline, oils, exhaust fumes, coolants, etc.)
Usage – gaskets technical cardboard:

Thanks to their properties, they are used in many different industries and industries, including:

-power industry (primarily at flue gas and post-reaction gas ducts)
-ceramic industry
-metallurgy of non-ferrous metals and iron
-foundry (mainly at furnaces and tapping channels)

The presented elements are created with care for the highest quality and reliability in the most difficult environment.

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