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Silicone seals

VERMET is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of silicone gaskets.

Silicone gaskets can be supplied in any shape, from simple round or square shapes, to a silicone gasket with numerous holes and custom-cut slots.

Over the last few years, VERMET has invested significant resources in new, state-of-the-art, automated machines. They enable the production of silicone gaskets for a wide range of different industries, including construction, glass, food and automotive industries.

VERMET also has the option of applying a self-adhesive undercoat to each product with silicone gaskets we produce.


Properties – silicone seals:


Equally common silicone gaskets are silicone sponge products.


Silicone sponge is primarily used when gaskets need to seal against heat transfer. Silicone sponge gaskets can withstand prevailing temperatures ranging from -60 to 200 degrees, depending on the grade of base material selected.


Due to the process of injecting air into the cell structure, the silicone sponge allows for greater compression. This allows it to be attached to various sealing surfaces.


Silicone sponge gaskets are made of a closed-cell material, making the gasket both air and water tight.


All of our high-quality silicone sponge gaskets can also be supplied with a self-adhesive backing.


The silicone sponge is a blown version of its original version. When air is injected into the cellular structure, it naturally becomes a more flexible and malleable material, suitable for a variety of applications. Remaining in a closed cell structure, silicone sponge is inherently compressible, meaning it can be squeezed between two surfaces to create a perfect seal. Silicone sponge gaskets are commonly found in cookers, hobs, ovens and lighting applications.

Applications for sponge silicone gaskets

The silicone sponge is a very dedicated base product. It is widely recognized in the electrical, automotive, lighting and household appliances industries. Due to its unique properties, silicone sponge is a more expensive base material than most other common sponge gasket materials.


The silicone sponge seals also have fantastic UV and ozone resistance meaning they won’t be damaged for a long time.

Custom made silicone sponge gaskets

Vermet manufactures silicone sponge gaskets to order. If you have a design, we can tailor the tooling to your needs. Whether it’s a simple shape or a more complex gasket with holes or slots, we’ll provide excellent workmanship.

Self-adhesive silicone sponge gaskets

Silicone sponge gaskets can be supplied with a self-adhesive backing to assist with third hand fixing if required. The peel-off carrier can be applied to one or both sides of the gasket, depending on the application.


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