Flexible seals

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Flexible materials

Spongy materials include such materials as: tereshpan, glued foil, ERGOFOL, NEN-NOMEX, FWF, MNM PET foil.


Tereszpan is a material created as a result of gluing propane and polyester foil with polyurethane resin.

We include it in the group of class B insulation materials (130 degrees C). Due to its insulating, electro-insulating and heat-insulating properties, it is used in electrical machines and devices as a groove and inter-layer insulation.

Glued foil

Glued foil is a flexible, durable and strong material, it has balanced physical, chemical and thermal properties that make it useful in many industrial applications. The strength of type A foil reaches an average of 210 MP, in addition, it is resistant to moisture, most chemicals and factors of various nature, it can withstand extreme temperatures from – 700C to +1500C.

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