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uszczelki z tworzyw sztucznych
uszczelki z tworzyw sztucznych


ABS is a polymerized alloy of wood materials: acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. It is a strong and durable plastic used by VERMET to manufacture seals where high impact resistance is required. It also has an aesthetically pleasing, smooth, glossy finish that is nearly scratch resistant, which is important for visible parts.

We supply ABS parts to many different industries including the vacuum cleaner, cosmetics, automotive and building hardware industries. Because ABS exhibits greater resistance to chemical attack from weak acids and most bases than HIPS, as well as a higher operating temperature, it is an ideal material for a wide range of applications. If required, the adhesive backing can be applied to one or both sides.

General characteristics – ABS seals:

  • Durable and robust– ABS has high impact strength as well as abrasion resistance, making it a suitable material for parts such as home appliances and automotive interiors
  • Outstanding dielectric properties–  is a non-conductive plastic and is therefore suitable for electrical insulators
  • Good chemical resistance –The ABS gasket has good resistance to chemical attack from inorganic salt solutions, alkalis and many acids
  • Low water absorption – ABS is a good plastic choice for water-related applications due to its relatively low water absorption

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